What are you selling?  I don’t see any ads anywhere.

  • Well, I’m not selling anything as a matter of fact.  I dislike advertisement in general; except for the ads I make (of course!).

If you’re not selling anything, why all this, uh, content?

  • Pursuant towards a current engagement of my services, Cooptive Memetics is merely a vehicle through which to pass information into the brainbones of a very niche market.  Insofar as you’re reading this, I’d say it worked.

About that, cooptive memetics… that’s not a word.

  • And that’s not a question.  But I’ll answer it anyway.  Apparently, all a word needs to pass from the vacuum of one’s solipsistic ego into the ether of the ‘common knowledge’ is repetitive usage despite it not technically being a word yet.  That and some other tricks.  But we’ll get to that later.

Cryptic, ok… So you’re NOT a marketer?

  • If you’re concerned with what I AM, you’re absolutely missing the point.  You don’t even know if the person that wrote this was a real person.  Or maybe it was crowd-sourced on fiverr.com or something.  Your best bet is to consider me a rogue artist with many talents across all media with a low tolerance for pap and an urgent desire to see less content and more art.


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