When Doing it Wrong Can Feel So Right


Top inbound marketing firm, Hubspot, contends that an off-the-leash CEO or CRM can actually have a positive return in social opinion.

Is the recent jawdropper that CEO Elon Musk has engineered a WAY-early loan repayment a sign that it’s time to revisit the negative approach?

According to Dan Lyons, the ‘Best Marketer in Silicon Valley’, has a lot to teach us about how to spread your brand.

Therefore I have compiled for you the synopsised itinerary to follow for anyone who, according to Dan Lyons, wants to be the next uber-marketer of Silicon Valley (and beyond!).

  • Picks fights with journalists.

  • Taunt Wall Street.

  • Drop hints and build suspense.

  • Gloat.

and most importantly (just add water!):

  • Turn customers into evangelists.

While I find it entirely possible that Lyons is correct and Elon Musk is some sort of marketing genius, I do feel that we’re confusing correlation with causation when we look at Tesla’s recent success and connect them to Musk’s… shall we say… unorthodox approach to public relations.  What do you think?

Image Credit: Ben Baker / Redux via The Daily Beast


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