Inbound Ninja – 5 June 2013 – 3 blogs and OHMAI the wordcounts…

Today we have three blogs of note.  Show transcript including relevant links are below.

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In Enhanced Campaigns: How to Optimize AdWords Campaigns for Desktop AND Mobile,

Hubspot’s Larry Kim advises us that, ready or not, on July 22nd all google adwords accounts will be upgraded to accommodate the new Enhanced Campaigns functionality.

The call to action is for a June 6thwebinar regarding what Hubspot wants us to know about this exciting development.

For the full post, google keywords: Hubspot, Larry Kim, “Enhanced Campaigns”

In 7 Tips for Better Business Twitter Bio Copy,

Lisa Gulasy of Kuno Creative wrote an epic seven-hundred-and-seventy one words on how to optimize your business’ twitter biography.  In a colloquially ironic twist, the first tip is; you guessed it: “Be brief.”

This blog’s call to action is for a webinar June 13thInbound Marketing Webinar titled: Buy-in, Budgets, and Best Practices.

For the full post, google keywords: kuno creative “social media marketing” gulasy


In 7 Major Brands That Win Hearts and Customers with Clever Web Copywriting


Bill Faeth, of Inbound Marketing Agents won today’s Ayn Rand award for exceptional wordcount weighing in at just over 1000.  This was ostensibly a survey of 7 case-studies with businesses ranging from boutique clothes purveyors, Modcloth, to boutique razor purveyor Dollar Shave Club.


This blog eschewed the footer call to action, instead placing two individual freeeBook offers in its right column.  The first is titled The Science of Enterprise Lead Generation and is actually located on Hubspot’s own domain whereas the second is titled “Twitter for Business Handbook” which has tips on how to build a profile as well as how to twitterjack, I assume this is twitter parlance for steal, your competitors’ followers.

For the full post, google keywords: 7 Clever Web Copywriting faeth


That’s all for now my inbound ninjas.  I’m Simon Selene and hopefully I’ve helped you avoid some of the crap deluge.


New Content Persona, the Inbound Ninja!

New Content Persona, the Inbound Ninja!

What we’ve got here is a very rapid synopsis of a notable blog as well as a DIRECT link to a free eBook; no email required.  If it follows that value addition counts as content, and time = money, then it stands to reason that this Audio (soon to be video; careful, ninja over here) production is value-added content.

So cheers, and enjoy.